Jan 072017

Some of you have noticed that the player on the left side of the screen has stopped working. Unfortunately this is due to the latest ‘bugfix’ in Chrome V55.

If you use any other browser the player will work.

I’ll be moving the shoutcast to V2 to try to fix this. Until then you can listen using the listen links such as


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Ok It’s been a 3 year break

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May 262016

I have to admit I’ve been a “little” bit lax in keeping up the site. In the age of Facebook its just easier to copy and paste to the FB page. I’m hoping that I can make some updated or structural changes to the site in the near future so that it ‘modernizes’ the site.
In the mean time, I’ve fixed the contact and Artist submission forms so artists can send in their wicked creations.
Thanks for sticking with us!


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Apps and stuff

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Dec 172013

Just a quick update here to let you know that you CAN listen to the station on your phone using mobile apps.

Where to listen on Mobile:

I’ve added more 64k slots to the stream since it seems that TuneInRadio is prefering that method.

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It’s all happening!!!! Here it is the new Boards of Canada Single…

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May 242013

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard about the BOC digital scavenger hunt to announce the new album…we’ve now got the notification of the first single which was just announced in Tokyo. Here it is…

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Jan 242013

Bonobo has released a new single from the soon to be released “The North Borders” I’m hoping the rest of the album is as good quality as Cirrus. You can check out the wicked video below!
Don’t forget to check out bonobomusic.com to check for the upcoming tour dates…just so happens they’ll be in my town just down the street. Woohoo!!!

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