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Jul 282009

We’re moving the location of the Buzzoutroom servers on Friday. So we litterally have to shut things down, throw all the equipment into my car and drive it across the City of Toronto.

When we get there I’m hoping the internet connection will all be good and I’ll plug it all back in and have you running with tunes soon.

The station could be down for several hours though. We will be back …Oh sure we could have done this with temporary servers and had no outtage at all…but that reqires resources. I don’t have those right now. Things will be up and running shortly!

Wish us luck!
The Buzzoutroom

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Anyone Going to the Big Chill this year?

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Jul 222009

Once again I’m just going to be reading about it instead of flying 9000km’s over the pond to Eastnor Castle. If you are lucky enough to be going, post something here to say “nya nya nya I’m going to Big Chill!”.

You’ll find the huge lineup here

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