And….we’re done. Move is successful

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Aug 142009

Well it took a little longer then predicted but the hardware has been moved, the internet connection is fully functional and I think we’ve come out of the woods.

So to celebrate I’ve added new tunez. I’ve been a bit slow adding some of the new great submissions to the station since the move. Look for some great new releases from Ghostly Records.


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Time for a Family meeting Buzzoutroom listeners – Moving Update

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Aug 012009

Ok so here’s the update on what’s happened:
So there I was waiting and waiting for my ISP’s tech person to come and move the connection. Finally I called up their call center located in the Caribbean (after confirming that the move would take place on Friday) and they had said that Oops! There was a mix up with the move order mon, and its been rescheduled for Wednesday.

So all the servers are ready to go…only no internet…for 5 days. Evasive action.

So how am I running the station you ask? Well thanks to a friend of the Buzzoutroom I’ve loaded the server in the truck. Drove it over to a friends company in Toronto and we’re hijacking their connection until the ISP gets its shit together.

I have to admit doing a major move and having to deal with this all at the same time was a bit much and I was kinda thinking this is a sign to shut the station down but in reality the move was scheduled around the station 1st. I do have this illness actually, if I find out the station is having difficulty I start to go into convulsions and start muttering swear words under my breath while madly tinkering on things until things are working again. Then I can listen to the station and the calm beats bring me back down to Zen well that and a nice beverage too.

So what does my rambling mean for you?

Well…the website will be a little slow on this temporary connection. All streams are currently up and running. If I find out that there’s bandwidth problem I’ll be shutting down he 64k and 24k streams to save the 128k.

Keep listening…Wednesday will have some downtime as we switch the temporary connection back to our own which can handle everything.

In case you’re new to the station…this aint no big operation and I’m not going to make like it is. Welcome to amateur radio, that’s been running for 8 years on the love of Chill Beats…and money I earn jingling the change in my coffee cup at the corner of Queen Street and Spadina.. Anyone know any cheap hobbies?

The Buzzoutroom

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