Buy this right now: The Orb – Baghdad Batteries

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Nov 192009

I must say I’m really enjoying this new release from The Orb. I mean what else is there really to say about The Orb? They have managed to put out some absolute classic downtempo and electronica staples which have helped shape the sound of many of the artists you hear on The Buzzoutroom today.
They have been through much and unfortunately this year Orb member until 1999 Andy Hughes passed away from a short illness in June 2009. The Orb has also postponed their current world tour for reasons unconfirmed. Unfortunately their website redirects to their MySpace page.

You can purchase the new release here

As soon as I hear about the tour opening back up I’ll post the information here;

A discovery I found with the New Orb album “Baghdad Batteries”

You can try this yourself:

Make your own LIVE Koyaanisqatsi thanks to The Orb:

1) find a city during rush hour
2) Find a bar and enjoy a couple of your favorite vices
3) turn on The Orb – Baghdad Batteries – Track 4 “Raven’s Suprise” then track 5 “Dolly Unit
4) Make it loud enough to drown out all sound
5) Walk through city madness to the train / subway etc…
6) Goto the front of the train to get a good view.
7) Watch the world go by

Let me know how you fare…

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