And now for something completly beautiful….New Tycho Single

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Dec 092009

I was sharing a fine Canadian beer (there are one or two) with Scott Hansen a couple of weeks ago when he was here for his Gallery opening as ISO50. He mentioned that Costal Brake the next release is going to be out in a couple of weeks. I grabbed a copy of the vinyl release (which IMHO can be framed as an art piece) and patiently waited for my electronic copy. You see, I’ve just moved and my boxes of vinyl and my wonderful ancient Pioneer Quadraphonic 1970’s turntable hasn’t been connected yet. I know…its terrible but there’s something about listening to electronic equipment that’s older than you are.

Well anyway. Today is that day. I received an e-mail last night with the electronic download of the release. It comes with 4 unique mixes of Coastal Brake which made my potentiometer greatly increase with each new track.

This is a very warm and bright track, I can’t help but picture me on a beach here with very large waves crashing in and retreating and since we’ve just had the 1st evidence of snow on the ground in Toronto its very welcome.

You can have a listen to samples here as well as purchase. Right now its only available as the Vinyl release with the digital download. I’ll keep you posted as its download only.

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