Switching Servers – Updated

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Mar 212010

Our provider is moving locations of the Buzzoutroom 128k Stream in the next couple of weeks.

I expect all to go well and we don’t expect any downtime.

The only thing which may cause issues is if you have a bookmarked link to other than http://www.buzzoutroom.com/listen.pls

If you find that a link suddenly isn’t working make sure you bookmark the links on the right hand side of the page


The switch has been made and we’re on the new server. If you’re experiencing any issues with the stream you didn’t have last week please let me know.
You should use the connection buttons on the right hand side of the page if you’ve bookmarked the old server location

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Released Today!: Carbon Based Lifeforms – Interloper

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Mar 112010

I can’t wait to hear this one. Just released CBL with their 3rd release. No secret that we love CBL here at the Buzzoutroom. Here’s the info:
Performed live for the first time at Stockholm’s Cosmonova Planetarium in November 2009,
the music compositions retain their ethereal, wide, uplifting nature and are infused with haunting vocals
by Karin My Andersson and poems by Anna Segerstad.
Carbon Based Lifeforms’ aficionados will recognize their pulsing bass lines, soft pads and acid melodies.
Cherry on the cake, this time Johannes Hedberg picked up guitar and bass and Karin My Andersson her Cello
to add a more organic texture to the music.
[ Interloper ] presents 10 mesmerizing tracks which will propel the listener into a gentle and vibrant journey
through warm grooves and fluid electronic atmospheres.

You can purchase the latest release right HERE.

The Buzzoutroom

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Holy Crap! Happy Birthday to Us!!!

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Mar 012010

Wow! I just realized that May 1st is the day the Buzzoutroom started broadcasting in 2003. Why? Why not? Internet radio was barely getting going and I thought the music collection I had was way better then FM radio…now I’m sure of it.

So today we should sit back and chill and have a nice celebratory drink to the tunes which the artists have sent in.

There have been MANY artists who have sent in their projects and we add more tracks every day. Every track is listened to 1st to ensure that it goes with the flow. Thanks for sending in your hard work! Glad we can have the rest of the world have a listen!

As with tradition, here’s the statistics of the station:

Tracks in the Playlist: 1912
# of Hours: 172 hours 5 minutes 58 seconds
# of Tune-ins per 30 days: 297,136
Total time listening: 236,582.75 hours

Please support the station with the donation button or purchase a t-shirt. We are listener supported…hopefully.
The Buzzoutroom

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