Aug 272011

As I sit here on the dock listening to the station I’m glad things are still going. Thanks for the support we’ll be going for a wee bit. Greetings from Lake Muskoka. Have a great weekend listening to the station wherever you are in the world!




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Aug 212011

Your comments have been amazing Thank you. With comments like this its very hard to shut things down.

So I’m going to keep the servers running for at least another week while I figure this out. One of the reasons I’m shutting things down is that obviously there is a lot of time which needs to be invested but there are also costs involved with the hardware, bandwidth, and licensing the latter being quite difficult to manage. The server is on its last legs and I don’t have the resources to get another one.

So enjoy the next week with the station. I’ve added a lot of new tracks that have been submitted to the station over the last month from some great artists.



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Aug 172011

I’m taking requests on what you’d like to hear for the final hours of the Buzzoutroom. I’ll have some new tracks and some old favorites.
Just leave them in the comments box.

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Aug 172011

Well since I’m shutting down the stream I may as well show you the new website I was working on.

Unfortunately I just to have time to run the station anymore.


I will be keeping the site up and using it as a news forum for Chillout…perhaps you’ll see us again one day.

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