Oct 252011

I’m quite glad things have stayed up over the last couple of weeks while we’re touring Asia. The station had a rocky start as 2 days into the trip it went down but thanks to some very non technical people….things are back up;-)

Thought I’d send you a shot. This here was taken at the Marble Mountains near DaNang Vietnam.

We’re off to Tokyo tomorrow for a couple of days so if you have any reccommedations. Chill clubs or cafes who would get into our vibe let me now!


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Oct 042011

And YES its finally here after a nice Hiatus from his last album. Tycho is out with a new project. I was speaking with him the last time he was here in Toronto and he was mentioning that he’s “doing the finishing touches” on it….that was 2 years ago! I’m not complaining.
Its no secret that I’m a big fan of Tycho. Listening to his music is like waking into an old 70’s living room with shag carpet and cranking the thick wood grained floor standing speakers while relaxing in an egg chair

If you’re in the east coast there is a little tour where you’ll be able to see Tycho perform all the tracks with a live band at these locations

You’ll be able to purchase a digital download as well as pre-order the vinyl here

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