May 022012


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  4 Responses to “Remember when people used to use Vinyl?”

  1. Looks very familiar… This may sound strange, but I’ve been working as a DJ on a radio station way up north in the remote “bush” of Alaska – – and we still DO play half of all our music with vinyl. We have an awesome collection of the stuff, although I must admit, I burn my own music collection at home and play it on the air that way. I use a massive collection of my own, from around the globe, as I’m a World Music DJ.

    • Very cool! Where do you play in Alaska? I’m heading to Anchorage – Healy – Girdwood in 2 days. Wanna do a Buzzoutroom Radio show 🙂

      • I happen to work quite far from your travels that region, as we’re roughly a thousand miles apart. Other than that, it’s sounds intriguing…

  2. nnaann peoples use in present day the vinyls, fortunely for us, i mix with cd but i prefer mix with vinyls, i can feel the scud under my finger ^^

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