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We get a lot of submissions from Artists and Record Labels to be considered for airplay.

There are several ways you can submit to the station for airplay:

Please use the form below submit tunes electronically. These can be via download link which DOES NOT require us to login for an account.

Please don’t send us a link to your MySpace page to hear your tracks. I’m sure they’re very good but MySpace downloads sound like crap and we don’t have the time to mess with all that clicking to grab them.

We do prefer electronic delivery of the tracks but if you must send a CD please drop us a line and we’ll provide you with an address

Have patience, we get submissions every day and we do listen to everything but it takes time…You’ll know if the tracks get on the station if you hear it… 🙂

The minimum track requirements:
– At least 196K CBR Mp3 format but higher is better
– Valid ID3 Tags (i.e. not Track 01, Track 02 etc etc…)
– Please provide a sales link to the CD’s so people can buy your stuff!
– Bios and press kits can also be submitted electronically or via mail. Tell us about you…if we really like it we’ll add it to the front page

Stuff we’ll play:
We’ll play pretty much anything that is slower and instrumental and on the chill side. While we do play a tiny bit of tracks with vocals its very rare we will add new tracks with vocals.

That’s it for now…remember the contact me button is your friend!

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